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Contact Sheets

Film, as a support for photography, had sung its swan song quite a while ago. Even so, it still has some attributes that make it unique and so pleasurable. Film is real. It’s tangible. It’s there and will be there long after all the zeroes and ones from your dSLR have met their demise in the recycle bin.

One thing I really love about film is the old-school feel of an old-school index (aka contact sheet).

Minolta XD7 / Arista Premium 400 / Diafine




Fortunate Misfortune



These images were shot on Ilford HP5+ film, that was subjected to, apparently, a heavy dose of x-rays during airmail shipping.

I’ve been developing all my films in Diafine for quite some time now, mainly because it gives me a bit of extra sensitivity (rather vital for my “available low-light photography” approach). When I shot the first film from this batch things got a bit messy (ASA400 film shot at 640, as per developer instructions) because I’ve only figured out the film had issues after pulling it out from the developing tank. After some tests I determined I could still use it if shot at ASA200 and developed in Rodinal (1+25 dilution for 7-8 minutes at 19deg. Celsius). The contrast is rather low, there is plenty of fogging on the film and the grain is bigger than usual, but the results are quite visually pleasing. A couple of days ago, during a ‘model test run’, I shot yet another x-rayed film from the ‘brick’s leftovers. And because most of the times there’s a good side to any mishap, this time I seem to have had some fixing issues as well. I’ve yet to determine whether the fixer died on me or the film got underwashed. Or both. The results on the other hand… I quite like them 🙂

No photoshop here. At all. Straight scans, some dust removed, no levels, no curves.