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Roll no 200


The historical center of Sibiu seen from above and captured on my 200th negative. Not much of a shooter, am I? 🙂


Minolta XE-1 // Rokkor 35-70/3.5 // Rollei Retro 400s / Rodinal 3.5ml 1h stand development

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Warm-up

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is always the last Sunday in April. In 2011, Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day is April 24, at the same time with Easter Sunday.


Two years ago, during my experimental photography frenzy, I managed to transform an old Smena 8 into a pinhole camera. I decided in favor for this solution as it was the easiest way to keep the frame spacing (using the camera’s film wind-on mechanism). For this year’s WPPD I’ve opted for something more primitive, the matchbox pinhole camera. I built a beta version today, so I’d have enough time for tuning and adjusting the ‘design’ by next weekend. The biggest concern I had while constructing it was the pinhole diameter that was of about .3 mm instead of the optimal .15 mm but after I’ve developed the test film other issues appeared, such as the light leak around the ‘shutter’.


First collage> Smena pinhole camera // second collage> beta version matchbox pinhole camera.